5 Interesting Things to Do in and around the Gold Coast

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Are you planning for a vacation? Considering making it to the coastal region, but retracing steps thinking lazy days on the beach can be tiresome for you? After a while, you can get tired of lying around; so what can you do to enjoy? If these are the thoughts resounding in your head, then look no further than the Gold Coast. This coastal region has lots of activities and attractions to engage yourself in that ensure you don’t get bored. As the name suggests, the Gold Coast is obviously popular for its golden sand beaches but there is more to this place. Here is a list of five interesting things you can do in and around the Gold Coast, when the beach fails to add enthusiasm in you.

  Bushwalking in the Hinterland

Stretched across the western side of the Gold Coast, Hinterland and the region around Mt. Tamborine is possibly the best-kept clandestine natural affair. Just behind the gold, the green picturesque mountain rainforest region start and it extends up to the Lamington National Park area towards the Queensland/New South Wales border. This area is perfect for adventurers who can go for bushwalking as long as their soles can support. Some bushwalking areas where you can go are the 3 km walk through the sand dunes of The Spit, taking a 20 minutes tree top walk on the 9 suspension bridges of the Green Mountains in Lamington National Park, or going for a 45 minutes’ walk through the Numinbah Valley to the Natural Arch; the choices are endless.

Scuba Diving

For people who like to enjoy the sea from within, scuba diving and snorkelling are great sports. Moreton Bay, known for its wealth of coral reefs, wildlife and wrecks is perfect for scuba diving. The swarm of dolphins, colourful fishes and rare dugongs, make this region suitable for underwater photography. So, if you have a flair for the lenses, then what are you waiting for. Just grab your camera and take a plunge into the sparkling waters of the Gold Coast.

Surfing on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast is proud to have some of the most consistent waves in the country, which happens to be ideal for surfing. Home to some of the best beaches for surfing, this place is Surfers Paradise. Matching up to the thought, you can visit the beach called Surfers Paradise, which is best for surfers of all sorts. From beginners to professionals, this beach and its steady waves are a surfer’s delight. Some other banks that allow great surfing experience are around Palm Beach, The Spit, Narrowneck, Main Beach and Mermaid Beach.

Boat Cruises

One of the most wonderful ways to see the entire Gold Coast is to go on a cruise ship. A place that is marked with a Broadwater, gorgeous river and innumerable canals, this ride is an experience of a lifetime. To have this pleasurable experience, you can get in touch with cruise operators, gondola or party cruisers. The waterways of the Gold Coast are ten times longer than Venice, which accounts for the grand journey it assures. You can start from Surfers Paradise and go all the way up to Brisbane.

Take a Scenic Drive

Whether it is the coastal roads or beachside routes, taking a drive across the country is the ultimate thing to do, while you are at the Gold Coast. You can either drive through the winding Hinterland or along the southern coastline to Byron Bay to see the alluring Northern part of New South Wales. So, if you love watching the world from behind the wheels, then this is one option you simply can’t afford to miss.

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