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How a Gold Coast holiday can turn out to be the best in your life?

The ones who have been to the coastal city in south-eastern Queensland know the answer to this. Gold Coast is a city located in Australia, in Queensland and is known for its exotic natural features, most notably the beaches. The place holds a lot of activities and interesting events which draw a huge crowd of tourists every year.

There are restaurants and food centres where one can find a variety of cuisines. These include the mouth-watering Aussie delights as well as international dishes such as Italian. Accommodation facilities are also known to be of superior quality. A lot of apartments and hotels can be booked within an affordable range. There are luxurious resorts as well which offer every amenity for comfort.

If these have grabbed your attention and you are curious about the place, read on to how you can have an exciting stay here.

Gold Coast offers heaps of activities for the tourists

A holiday in Gold Coast doesn’t only refer to ‘sunbaking’ and checking out new cuisines and malls. There are certain things which are a must try for all tourists.

A walk through the rainforest: Some aren’t aware of the existence of a rainforest in Gold Coast. The place includes a number of subtropical rainforests, with Australian wildlife. Tourists can spend their weekends hiking, spotting native birds and animals, climbing mountains and more. Among these, Lamington National Park is worth mentioning, since it is a World Heritage and the largest subtropical rainforest in the continent.

The Tamborine Mountain too is a wonderful place where one can find unbelievably beautiful views and waterfalls. For wine lovers, there are wine makers at Cedar Creek Estate Vineyard.

Go skydiving: If you think all beaches are the same and you have seen enough, you can try the same from above. The rush of falling down towards the beach at 200km/hour will be a unique experience for you. There are experienced instructors who help with skydiving at Gold Coast.

Theme parks at Gold Coast: 


Gold Coast offers a great experience with its theme parks. The ones like Sea World, Dreamworld, White Water World and others include various adventures and fun rides. Some of these can be booked through your smartphone as well. However, you will find it difficult to get a pass during school holidays. This is as a lot of Australian families visit the theme parks for their children.

The place offers unbelievable fun activities and places where one can have a great time. Thus it is very much right to look for a Gold Coast accommodation for your family.

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