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How many a times have you visited Gold Coast? Do all your trips to the coastal city in Queensland revolve around Surfers Paradise? Yes, the popular and big sister in Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise may be the focus on your trips, but its younger brother Broadbeach is no longer in its nascent stage. Becoming an identity of its own, Broadbeach or adorably called “Broadie” by locals is fast becoming one of the places you ought to visit. With interesting activities, spectacular events, comfortable accommodation and exotic restaurants, Broadbeach is bustling with a lot of promises for every guest of his.

From surfing in the beautiful beaches of Broadbeach to lazing around parks and weekend yoga classes, there is a lot that can keep you busy.

Things to Do

Broadbeach boasts of series of wonderful places that allows you to participate in several activities. From Art and Craft Markets to Jupiters Hotel and Casino, Pacific Fair Shopping Centre to Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre; there is a lot to choose from. If surfing is on your mind but you don’t know how to surf, there are lot of surf schools that can coach you to not only develop this skill, but master it as well.


Accommodation in Broadbeach is one aspect that can spoil you for choices. With its amazing range of resorts, this coastal suburb offers you a perfect blend of rustic yet classic options. If you want to enjoy Broadbeach in the local “Broadie” style, you need to choose a location that enables you to go out and get the true feel of the place. Whether it is a sporting event or a cultural one, a cruise you want to get on or shop in the popular shopping centre, staying in a good location with all the necessary comforts in essential.


A place is defined by its food and if you have been in Broadbeach and not tasted its delicacies, then you are surely missing out a lot. With its plethora of eateries and bars, Broadbeach can not only blow your mind away, but leave you wanting for more. An evening party on a cruise or a dazzling dinner on the beach, there are some splendid dining options this suburb has arranged for you.


Whether it is a Jazz Festival or a sporting event like Australia Open – Bowls Australia and music festivals, Broadbeach has ample to offer. Select a great accommodation facility in the suburb and get set to enjoy the various events lined up in Broadbeach; just the way you like.

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