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If you are missing the roaring sound of the waves and are making plans to hit the ocean in the coming days, Broadbeach can be your ideal destination. Situated in the heart of the Gold Coast, Broadbeach is one of the main beach districts that lie towards the south of Surfers Paradise. As opposed to the busy and bustling Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach is calmer and quieter that allows its visitors to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the coastal scene. However, this doesn’t mean that your stay at Broadbeach would be uneventful. There are plenty of features and attractions in Broadbeach that other busier beaches don’t offer. So, if your agenda of holidaying includes coming close to nature while having access to necessary modern amenities, then this is where you should be heading to. During the course of your stay, some of the activities you can do at Broadbeach are:


Visit the Beaches

If you are visiting the Gold Coast, it is but obvious that you would be hitting the beaches. Blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches in the country and the world, Broadbeach ensures some surrealistic and relaxing moments. Of all its beaches, Kurrawa Beach is the most famous one and is credited to be one of the safest swimming locations in the Gold Coast. Another reason for the popularity of this beach is that it is known to host some of the major surfing and life saving competitions in Australia. From professional surfers to people who travel with their families, everyone is welcome on this beach to spend their time in a manner they want to do. From sand sculpting to playing volleyball on the golden sands, Kurrawa Beach offers a lot to tourists.

Try Your Luck at Conrad Jupiters Casino

If you want to try your hand at gambling, then a visit to the Conrad Jupiters Casino is a must. Considered one of the best casino complexes in the country, Conrad Jupiters is one of the major attractions of Broadbeach for holidaymakers. Situated in a commercially viable location within a short walking distance from the beach, it is a Casino that never sleeps. Operating 24/7, this casino is ever ready to serve its guests, who want to take a break from the beach.

Indulge in Food and Local & International Products

For people who want to collect certain authentic Australian product samples, Kurrawa Park organises a bi-monthly market. In this market, from local to international products everything is available. If you are a food connoisseur, then Broadbeach and its host of eateries, restaurants, cafes and bars won’t disappoint you. From Asian to European, and from Mediterranean to Greek, every sort of delicacies is available to satisfy the taste buds of food lovers.

Go Shopping

The Pacific Fair Shopping Centre is one of the largest shopping centres in the Gold Coast that offers more than 250 stores for people to shop around. Situated at a 5 minutes’ walk from the casino and the beach, this shopping centre also houses a 12 screen movie theatre and photography studio to cater to the requirements of the residents and tourists. Apart from this, some major shopping centres of the Gold Coast are Cavill Mall and Cavill Avenue that are located in Surfers Paradise. Broadbeach Mall and Oasis Shopping Centre are two important shopping destinations that people look at when it comes to shopping.

Clearly, with so many options to engage yourself in; accommodations in Broadbeach would be a matter of ease and comfort. There are a swarm of hotels, resorts and budget hotels in Broadbeach that keep comfort of the guests on top of their list of priorities. Thus, Broadbeach ensures you soak in the beauty of the coastal region, without letting go of the benefits of modern amenities.

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