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If you want to submerge in the beauty of Nature then Queensland is the place you should look for. Bordered by Coral Sea and Pacific Ocean, it is a delight for the travellers and of course for the surfers. Apart from the exquisite beaches, there is yet another thing which is widely available here and that is none one other national parks and wild sanctuaries. Springbrook National Park is one such destination located in the Gold Coast Hinterland that you will love to see. The park comprises of three reserves: Springbrook Plateau, Mt Cougal and Natural Bridge. The whole area is based over the remnant of a volcano where array of endangered flora and fauna is ready to amaze you.

What you can see


The wet climate and cool temperature gives the bushwalkers a great opportunity to have a pleasant encounter with the lush and green world of the rainforest. You will come across some of the weird things like mushrooms and worms that glows in the dark, stunning waterfalls and gorges, fascinating wildlife, epiphytes and many subtropical plants. Every section of the park is well connected by a long access road. There are several places in Springbrook National Park, which are thrilling and missing them will be a big loss for your trip.

What you can do

At the Springbrook Plateau section, you can witness the several gorgeous waterfalls, which include Purling Brook Falls and Goomoolahra Falls. You can check out many lookouts with spectacular views trailing through the short tracks. The Natural Bridge is a rock arch over Cave Creek; it has formed out of a waterfall with a cave below the cascade. You can check out glow warms here and visit local Kombumerri aboriginal people too. The Mount Cougal has two peaks located at an altitude of 694 metres above sea level. There are walking tracks, picnic grounds but no pathways up to Mount Cougal.

How to reach

If you are staying at Broadbeach resort, then Springbrook National Park is approximately 30 minutes by car. Make it sure that you have ample time in hand to enjoy the beauty of this dense forest.

So, make your plans and visit the three sections of the rainforest, where nature unites with wildlife gifting you one of the best sights in Queensland.

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