Gold Coast Brings To You Winter Surprises and Fun

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When the world is expecting spring surprises, Gold Coast is getting ready for a downpour of winter events. It’s quite natural for southern part of the world to greet winter in a time when others are rejoicing spring bliss. However, the excitement and thrill in the winter events at this part of the world is no less charming than those experienced in the northern hemisphere. If you have already set your foot on Gold Coast this July or are planning to visit the place in the next couple of days, you cannot certainly rule out the Rivers Xmas.

The event is not ordinary. Feel the thrill of Christmas arriving early; the Rivers Xmas will please you with great lunch and dinner buffet menu. The most interesting part in this entire affair is that you are given the pleasure of exploring the waterways in Gold Coast while enjoying a delicious bite. This amazing tour that lasts for around three hours will give you the opportunity to dunk your taste-buds into deliciousness of Gold Coast’s special platters.

Cruising along the cool stretch of blue will give you that never-before feel. Dance to your heart’s content and enjoy gala moments on the floor while shaking a leg to a foot-tapping number. Experience live entertainment and get into the winter mood as Gold Coast sways to the charm of winter. You can also go upstairs to take a picturesque view of the serene waters kissing the vast sky.

As if that is all! In Gold Coast you don’t have to count days to experience fun. The place is always loaded with full-on entertainment. You can simply get your way to the winter wonderland gala dinner. An event hosted by the prestigious Southport Yacht Club Associates Committee, this gala event is all likely to leave you enthralled. Join members of the committee and enjoy dancing to popular songs. What is more? Such live entertainment accompanies three course meals as well. You can take a drink at the beginning or in between.

Experience live entertainment by none other than the Kulaz Duo. There are also raffles that can be won right on the night of the event. The event that is going to take place on 26th July is a must-go-through. Are you worried about being disconnected from internet access? The place where the event is held allows users to access Wi-Fi connectivity. Now that is what you call an enjoyable Gold Coast holiday.

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