The Best Gold Coast Restaurants Are In Broadbeach!

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People choose Broadbeach as a holiday destination for all sorts of reasons; for some, it’s the beach, for others the amazing natural surrounds, or even the many great events. There’s another big reason, too – it seems that the majority of the good restaurants in the Gold Coast are located in Broadbeach!

Gold Coast restaurants come in all shapes and sizes, from huge fast food drive-throughs to gourmet silver service. So many different cuisines converge on the Gold Coast, it’s like taking a culinary trip around the world.

Surf Parade Broadbeach

Turns out, however, that some of the best restaurants are located in Surf Parade. Not only is this the Gold Coast’s most famous eat-street but it just so happens to be located in Broadbeach. In fact, it is just walking distance from the Phoenician Resort!

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One of the worst things about dining out is having to pay for a cab ride home. Surf Parade is just a stroll from your accommodation so you can leave your car in the secure undercover carpark and save your money.

Gold Coast Restaurants

Everybody’s idea of holiday dining is different. Families just love being able to buy some traditional fish and chips to munch on the beach. Couples, on the other hand, may decide to splurge on a degustation feast. Some people love Italian, others French, whilst many enjoy modern Australian cuisine the most.

The great thing about Gold Coast restaurants is that you can find all of this and more. Many people love the different restaurants at the Star Casino (formerly Jupiters) because they can stay and see a world-class show afterwards.

Fine Dining

Even those on a budget can enjoy a top restaurant whilst they’re here. With the great deals on accommodation at the Phoenician Resort – and the full kitchen facilities in each apartment – you can save up all week and plash out on the last night.

Bon Appetit!

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