Holidaying In Gold Coast and Important Events There

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A coastal city with everything you can ask for holidaying…..

A lot of the best memories of life can be created while holidaying with family or friends. And nothing more can be a perfect holiday destination than a place warm with sunshine throughout the year. Located in the southeastern part of Queensland is a coastal place, which is heaven to tourists and enjoyment seekers.

The place is well endowed with natural beauty, the sea coast being a constant major attraction since years. For a lot of people in and around Australia, Gold Coast is the ideal place for spending holidays with family or being away from workload.

Accommodations are comfortable and are too many…..

You can book an apartment, hotel or resort anytime in Gold Coast. The coastal city is equipped with a lot of apartments and hotels for single tourists as well as for families. These are of medium size to spacious rooms with balconies as well.

  Events for the coming month:

Gold Coast is a famous tourist destination. Such a place which attracts different age groups and nationalities is sure to have a lot of events. We here are going to talk about some events which will take place in the month of July, 2015.

Screamworld, 3rd July, 2015: For the ones fond of Zombie movies, this is a perfect thing to visit. You are sure to get scared with a special activity based on zombies. Families can visit Dream Works Experience where they can meet the characters and also go for fun rides.

Australian Floorball Open 7-11th July, 2015: This is a huge attraction for all sport enthusiasts. The concept of Floorball is now popular in many parts of the world. It is a combination of indoor and outdoor ice hockey sans any skates or ice. International teams are said to visit this event often.

Pacifica, Mermaid Waters, 11th July, 2015: This is an event which includes fire dancing, Polynesian Dancing Groups, live band performance and other facilities like food and beverages.

Apart from these a lot of events of various types take place in the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Center. Located on the highway of Gold Coast, it can cater to as much as 6000 people. Often sporting and other important events are held here.

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