Lamington National Park- A treat to mind and soul!

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Situated at the heart of Lamington National Park, is the O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat, which has emerged as a popular tourist destination in Queensland. The dense forests sprawling over the mountain ranges, takes you to a refreshing journey that you will treasure. Lamington received its World Heritage recognition in 1994 because of the extensive biodiversity along with breath taking flora. The park covers an area of 20, 200 hectares which even hosts dry eucalypt forest and many other attractions waiting for the travel enthusiast to experience. This National Park is ‘retreat’ in a real sense offering you a number of activities amidst calm and cool atmosphere.

You can spend a whole day here because O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat had many things to offer to its travellers.

Start walking  

You can begin your journey by walking through the beautiful green surroundings, as the Nature welcomes you into her arms of wilderness. Lamington has 160 km of graded walking paths leading the tourists to the waterfalls and fascinating wildlife. If you love bird watching, then early morning is the best time for you. The park offers Early Morning Bird Walk tour, which you just cannot miss. O’Reilly’s Tree Top Walk is another attraction that takes you through a path of trees blossoming with flowers and fruits. Orchids and ferns further add more charm to the beauty of rainforest. A walk through the suspension bridges allows the visitors to observe life in the rainforest canopy from 15 to 30 metres above the ground.

Guided Tours

If you really want to know about this rainforest, it is suggested to take those guided tours and spend the most productive time in the park. The guides can take you to some of the best areas and even help you in watching interesting birds like Spotted Quail-thrush, Red-browed Treecreeper and many others. There are even evening guided walks for travellers who want to enjoy the nightlife of the rainforest. O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat organizes events like Lantern Ghost Tour, Winter Jazz Weekend and many more.

Other Information

If you are staying at Phoenician Broadbeach resorts, then Lamington National Park is approximately one and half hour drive. L ate April to August is considered as one of the best time to visit and adore the scenic beauty of the rainforest.

So, plan out a day and be are part of the exciting activities happening at the park.

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