Some Exciting Gold Coast Events for This November

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Gold Coast is one place on earth that never runs short of events. Name a month when you will not come across an event? Well! It’s almost impossible to talk about a month that goes empty. Now, that November is rushing in you are surely not going to miss out on the array of affairs that come in. What is more? These events are not restricted to any particular theme. In a month you can come in terms with events with different backgrounds.

In November, Gold Coast welcomes its natives and guests with a plethora of affairs. There can be some related to nature bound activities, sports or some casual themes with an aim to make everyday life all the more beautiful.

Are you truly interested in participating in these events? Then here is an interesting affair for all you wildlife adorers. This leading event is an “eye-catcher”. Starting from 2nd of November, 2014 the Bird Week is likely to welcome naturalists, authors and television producers which include Stephen Moss, who will be lecturing on the subject. There will also be Tim O’Reilly, Ian Gynther, Glen Threlfo and Duncan Fowler playing the local guides.

The Bird Week will take you to experience ample number of hot spots whereby you come face to face with exotic breeds- all at the famous Lamington National Park. One of the most anticipated events of the year, the Bird Week will let you settle for an eyeful. The Bird Week program will need you to pay some registration fees.

Will you like to take part in some more of exciting activities? If you are a gourmand and if “more” is the word for you, take a leap into the ocean. Not literally though! Ladies and gentlemen here is your time to enjoy luxurious cruising while catching up with some delectable dishes. The Melbourne Cup Lunch Cruise greets you to the extraordinary. Start your voyage by sinking your teeth into some dreamily delicious canapé. The amazing palate will let your taste-buds experience exotic flavours- all from Gold Coast.

Okay! The entertainment does not end with those gourmet cuisines, garnished with care and love. There is some more! This international buffet will be paired with live performance from the famous band, Sitory Groove Jazz. Now, that’s the way you go about the Gold Coast way to experience something you have never thought about. The boarding time for Melbourne Cup Lunch cruise has been scheduled between 11:30 am- 12:00pm.

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