Some Special Attractions in Broadbeach for Tourists

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Located in the south-eastern part of Queensland, Broadbeach is a stylish suburb on the Gold Coast. Having a village-like setting, the beauty of Broadbeach is enhanced by the unsullied beaches that hold international fame. Unlike Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach is not fully dominated by high-rise buildings. In fact, Broadbeach mainly comes across as a Gold Coast suburb that has a delightful mixture of both tradition and modernity.

Monorail from Broadbeach to Jupiters Casino – As you start exploring the area, you will find a monorail circuit operating between the Broadbeach Mall and the Jupiters Casino. Going for a ride in the monorail is not much expensive and it will let you enjoy a spectacular view of Broadbeach that includes the famous casino and the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre. The casino here matches the standard of the ones in Las Vegas and draws in large number of visitors every day.

Draculas – A major attraction for tourists, the award winning cabaret restaurant Draculas is situated between the Jupiters Casino and the Pacific Fair. Offering a complete dose of entertainment, Draculas draws in customers from as far as Brisbane. Coming here would mean a fun night out, perhaps something that you may not have experienced before. There are musical and comedy performances, and the food is served by waiters and waitresses dressed in ghoulish costumes.

Restaurants and Cafes – Broadbeach has already earned a name for itself when it comes to serving delicious meals. Whether you enjoy French or Italian breakfast or an Indian or Mexican dinner, dining options here are plenty. While on the Gold Coast, you should also definitely have a taste of the Modern Australian food. The numerous cafes and gelato bars are also great places for you to satisfy your taste buds. Many of the restaurants and cafes are located within the precinct of the Broadbeach holiday apartments and are led by award winning chefs who deliver excellent quality to customers.

Pacific Fair– Broadbeach holds a special attraction for those who want to enjoy shopping on the Gold Coast. Broadbeach is home to the Pacific Fair, which is one of the biggest shopping malls in the region. While the mall is full of all the usual shops, you can also find some unique stores that sell rare and unique items. There is also a provision for an outdoor food court where shopaholics can take a break from shopping and satisfy their appetite.

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