Top Three Surfing Beaches near Australia’s Broadbeach

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Located in the heart of Australia’s Gold Coast, the beautiful suburb of Broadbeach is a dream destination for surfing enthusiasts. Going along the shore of Broadbeach, one will come across spots that are popular with both local and international surfers. The clean white sand beaches and the good waves give surfers ample scope to enjoy this water sport.

Situated close to Broadbeach, Surfers Paradise, Kurrawa Beach and Mermaid Beach are three popular surfing zones in the area.

Surfers Paradise

Holding true to its name, the beach in Surfers Paradise is indeed a paradise for people who enjoy surfing. Plenty of surfers carrying their boards and other necessary references to this sport is a common sight in Surfers Paradise. Skilled surfers will have an amazing time out here, others who want to pick up the skill can easily find a trainer. While surfing in the waters of Surfers Paradise is fun, surfers should not overlook chances of dangerous rip tides and currents. Having enjoyed your surfing, you can also relax at one of the several cafes and restaurants, all within minutes of the waters.

Kurrawa Beach

Hosting numerous surf live saving competitions, Kurrawa Beach near Broadbeach is a noted spot for surfing. One can also find several surf training schools in the area. The beach area is extremely clean with showers and toilets nearby.

The best part about Kurrawa Beach is that it has many non-surfing attractions too. Visitors will also be able to locate grassy areas where barbecues and picnic tables are available. This place also has playgrounds for children to enjoy. Those driving to this area will not have difficulty in finding a suitable parking space near the coast. Close to the beach area are plenty of shops, restaurants and Gold Coast apartments.

Mermaid Beach

Lying south of Broadbeach, Mermaid Beach was named after the HMS Mermaid, ship of explorer John Oxley. Mermaid Beach has good waves and winds from the west. The Mermaid Beach area is known for both ground swells and wind swells. While artificial canals lie on the west, to the east lies the Pacific Ocean. Unlike Surfers Paradise and Kurrawa Beach, Mermaid Beach is not frequented by a large number of surfers. Surfers however, need to remain cautious so that they can avoid rip tides, sharks and other obstacles in the water.

All these spots near Broadbeach are great places for surfers to enjoy and with adequate safety their memories of surfing will certainly last for a lifetime.

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