Why Tourists Love to Visit Australia’s Broadbeach?

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Located in the heart of the Gold Coast, Australia’s Broadbeach is a favourite holiday destination for many. Broadbeach is not just about the sea and the sand; instead it has several wonderful attractions for which tourists want to visit this place again and again. Together the beauty of the place along with the plenty of activities offered makes this Gold Coast suburb an ideal spot for vacationers all over the world.

Beaches – Worldwide famous for its pristine beaches, Broadbeach is a paradise for anyone who loves to spend time on beaches. Resting on the spotless white sand and watching the majestic blue waves is indeed a great way of relaxing. The buzz of the stalls and the musicians makes the beach area come to life. However, you will also find areas that are less crowded, letting you enjoy solitude.  A lot of tourists tend to think that Broadbeach and Kurrawa Beach are the same place when the fact is they aren’t. Therefore, tourists need to be cautious about what they hear from the local people regarding this place, as whenever local people talk of Broadbeach, they actually mean Kurrawa. It is a localised misnomer that has prevailed over the years. The Kurrawa Beach boasts of a number of activities including surfing. You will find the Kurrawa Surf Club located just across the Oasis Shopping Centre.

Dining –Plenty of dining options are available for your feasting leisure in this Gold Coast suburb. Right from the popular street food to some of the exotic menus, Broadbeach offers everything. You should definitely try out some of the popular Gold Coast cuisines that are served in most of the restaurants. Starting from Moroccan/Turkish delights, Bavarian/German combinations to the South East Asian flavours like Thai and Oriental, you can enjoy a variety of cuisines here.

Nightlife – Broadbeach is equally famous for its nightlife. If partying is on your mind, Broadbeach can act as the perfect host. The place has several nightclubs, pubs and bars that guarantee a perfect dose of entertainment to visitors. The crowd here is a bit classy and comprises of both young adults and older people.

Shopping – The Gold Coast is well known for offering its visitors a wonderful shopping experience. The Broadbeach Markets are a favourite with both local and international visitors. Pacific Fair, Oasis Shopping Mall and Broadbeach Mall are some of the popular shopping destinations in Broadbeach where you will find everything starting from top class brands to local products.

Whether it is the scenic beauty or the activities, Broadbeach offers a warm welcome to visitors of every type.

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