A Fantastic Indulgence at the Gold Coast Renaissance Faire

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The world is a stage and Gold Coast has every reason to prove it. Bringing history to reality, Gold Coast’s Renaissance Faire deserves accolades for amusing the audience with simply fantastic stage acts. cultural enthusiasts and those who love to go back to ancient periods in order to recall events of historical importance, can now take a walk down early eras when the kings and queens would rule the world, when court jesters would amuse his majesty, when the prince would fall for his love at first sight, when princesses would wait for their prince charming and when literary legends like Shakespeare would pen awe-inspiring writings.

You can now live the renaissance dream not by asking the time-machine to take you back when all these existed, but by visiting Gold Coast’s famous Renaissance Faire, where artists deliver their best performance as actors depicting important roles of legendary characters from the renaissance period. Starting on 3rd May, 2014, the fair is where you can enjoy live performance by artists. Mostly set up in a park, the live entertainment will delight you with plays, music and dance. What is most interesting about the event is the fact that these strolling performers continuously mingle with the audience in a manner such that the visitors would feel like they are also a part of the set-up.

The stage actors taking part in these plays and musical dramas bring historical events to life, thereby lending a face to long forgotten legends and personalities. Other than enjoying the performance by actors, you can also entertain yourself and your dear ones by attending the magic shows and also by taking part in the dance and juggling events. It’s the best way to get away from daily stress and enjoy a Gold Coast Holiday.

Besides, you can feast on absolutely delicious food with an authentic touch of Gold Coast. The food and drink will add to the amusement factor of the event. Witness a sword fight, glance at the pretty English lady sitting shyly on a garden deck or take part in the Queen’s archery competition; the May event is all set to entertain you and your young kids with mind captivating performances by actors and performers. The colourful and exciting event also spreads a romantic feel among couples.

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