A Joyous and Memorable Gold Coast Vacation in 2014

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It seems like Australia’s coastal city, Gold Coast has more in common to its American counter-part Miami. Starting from neon lights to dazzling night life and the wilderness in partying, there are many more that will at least for once let you consider the Australian coastal destination as America’s most popular beach destination. An endless stretch of water accompanied by golden sands and sunny sky, this golden beach city will make you want for more. If you are headstrong to hit this destination in January, then pack up fast because this is exactly the season when people from different parts of the world come and enjoy the blissful beach life to beat the winter chill.

This winter enjoy your stay at Gold Coast, the summer way

Unlike most other mundane beach destinations, Gold Coast homes are some of the most coveted attractions of the world. These delightful attractions promise smiles to men and women of all age group. Now that January has set in you can’t find a better reason to visit the Australian destination. The exhilarating water activities, the exotic animals, the soothing beach, the crazy night life and the sumptuous food- all add to the attraction of this coastal city.

Here are top “Gold Coastal” attractions for you

The Rainforest Circuit:
It’s really interesting to find a gush of greens amidst a watery surrounding. To give you a much unconventional feel, Gold Coast brings to you its subtropical rainforest, where you can actually witness a naturally developed rock arch at Cave Creek. Escape into the wilderness of this wonderful cave accompanied by strangler fig trees, buttress roots and epiphytic ferns.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary: Australian wildlife is richly diverse. Here in Gold Coast you can explore exotic species of animals, birds and plants. The Currumbin wildlife sanctuary brings sheer joy to everyone who loves adventure. Cuddle a cute Koala bear or get friendly with a Kangaroo, take part in the famous Lorikeet feeding or witness the Didgeridoo, do anything you feel like while getting a little crazier and wilder.

Movie World: See the reel life come alive right in front of your eyes at Gold Coast’s Warner Bros. Movie world. Experience what it takes to do the super hero stunts; get lost into the fantasy world with your favourite cartoon characters or enjoy adventure rides alongside several other movie attractions.

Sea World: Whether you want to go below the water surface or scale heights, Gold Coast’s sea world will take you in awe. Discover your friendship with the loving dolphins, shake a leg with the friendly seals or just wave your hands to Henry the polar bear- a sweet and fluffy bundle of joy. Sea World attracts both adults and children with its fun delights.

Gold Coast Shopping: Oh yes!! How can you forget bagging attractive souvenirs from Australia’s coastal city? Whether you want to shop for fashion apparel and accessories to get hold of a stylish wardrobe collection or want to buy little knick knacks, Gold Coast is dotted with some of the finest shopping spots. Hunt, bargain and bag- these shopping spots will simply make you crave for more.

The Wineries: Hiding the best wineries from the eyes of the world, here comes, Gold Coasts’ plush range of vineyards alongside breweries. The coastal city still takes pride in homing the leading liquor brands and distillery. Purely bred in the red volcanic soil and blended with the splendid fresh waters of the spring, the fermented fruits give rise to wines that are a class apart.

Now that’s not all, Gold Coast has more to offer. Don’t just sit back and think, buy your tickets to explore this beautiful coastal city this 2014.

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