Watch Your Steps on the Gold Coast… It Might be a Sand Art!

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Just imagine how refreshing does a walk on the beaches of the Gold Coast feel. It’s like leaving all your worries behind and enjoying some nice and peaceful moments with your loved ones. Wonderful, isn’t it? However, when you take a stroll on the beaches of the Gold Coast in the month of February, just be careful to watch your steps. You might come across some interesting people eagerly waiting on a dining table for you to join or a host of safari animals let loose on the beach or some other interesting thing. Feeling afraid? Don’t be; as these are nothing but wonderful pieces of sand art created by some of the best sand sculptors of Australia.

If you consider yourself to be either an art or sculpture lover, you can look forward to these two interesting events that are going to take place during February:

Australian Sand Sculpting Championships

14th February 2014 is a special date for Australian sculptors, as it marks the beginning of the third annual Australian Sand Sculpting Championships on Surfers Paradise. As the competition gears up over the weekend, you can witness ten professional sculptors competing against each other in moulding and creating some amazing works of art. Irrespective of whether you are a regular tourist or an art lover, you can watch how more than 180 tonnes of sand gets transformed into spell-binding, mass-appealing artworks. If you have been to this event last year, then you must have witnessed some fantastic creations based on Sand Safari and Pirates theme. Keeping up with the spirit of enthusiasm and excitement of the previous years, the main themes for this year’s competition are Myths, Fairy Tales and Legends. So, turn your heels towards the beach and get ready to witness some incredible masterpieces being created right in front of your eyes. Moreover, ensure that you are on the beach around 5pm on 16th February 2014, when the champions are announced along with the winners of the People’s Choice Awards.

Surfers Paradise Foreshore Display

After the results of the sand art championship is announced on 16th February 2014, the exceptionally beautiful works of art would be displayed on the foreshore of the Surfers Paradise beach. These artworks would be showcased till 2nd March 2014 and would be accompanied by fun-filled activities for children and families. Free sand sculpting workshops would be conducted daily on an hourly basis from 10 am – 5 pm. By paying a small fee, you can also participate in activities such as sand art and sand bottle making. In addition to this, you cannot afford to miss out on the huge collaborative piece on the main theme of the year. This competition will start from 20th February and last till 23rd February, where sculptors from Australia would compete against The World. Definitely an interesting and exciting activity for vacationers as well as art lovers!

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